Best Gaming Keypad 2019

Having the best gaming keypad is as much important as GPU. You cannot run games smoothly without a good graphics card, in the same way; you cannot control your combat fighting without a good keyboard.

It is understandable, after spending tons on purchasing a gaming PC, it really becomes hard to have hands-on an expensive gaming keypad.

There will be a natural temptation to just end this chapter with a 10 bucks keyboard. Do you think you will be able to handle the speed of today’s games having a cheap gaming keypad?

The Keyboard for a computer is much like steering. One cannot control the car or any vehicle without proper working steering. In the same way, you cannot give a proper direction to the gaming without a proper mechanical keyboard.

And if you had spent a whopping amount on having good hardware specifications, why not consider keyboard a necessary items to give your gaming a good push.

The good gaming keypads can marginally give you a boost to the video games playing. And if you do not have a good mechanical keyboard that gives speedy feedback, you may see poor performance in extended gaming hours.

I came up with the best gaming keypads I have chosen for you. This list has been formed after a great research and reading reviews. So, before actually stepping out purchasing a keypad, have a short glance on this list, this will help you a lot.

Here are the Best Gaming Keypads in 2021:

  • Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB – Best Overall Gaming Keypad
  • Razer Tartarus Pro – Best Gaming Keypad for Experts
  • Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard
  • Razer Tartarus V2 Mecha-Membrane – Best Gaming Keypad for Young Gamers
  • Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display
  • Koolertron Cherry MX Black Programmable Gaming Keypad
  • GameSir GK100 Wired One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • AULA 30 Progammable Keys One Handed Merchanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Delux T9 46-Key Singlehanded Wired Gaming Keyboard
  • ACEPHA T9 Pro

Top Picks


Razer Orbweaver Chroma Elite RGB

Razer Orbweaver Chroma
  • Key Type: Mechanical
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Buttons: 20
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Razer Tartarus Pro

Razer Tartarus Pro
  • Key Type: Membrane
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Buttons: 32
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Redragon K585 DITI

Redragon K585 DITI
  • Key Type: Membrane
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Buttons: 42
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Razer Tartarus V2

Razer Tartarus V2
  • Key Type: Hybrid
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Buttons: 32
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Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

Logitech G13
  • Key Type: Membrane
  • Backlighting: LED
  • Buttons: 25
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Koolertron Cherry MX-Blue Programmable Gaming Keypad

Koolerton Cherry MX
  • Key Type: Mechanical
  • Backlighting: LED
  • Buttons: 44
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GameSir GK100 One Handed Gaming Keyboard

GameSir GK100
  • Key Type: Mechanical
  • Backlighting: LED
  • Buttons: 34
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Aula Excalibur RGB Gaming Keypad

AULA 30 
  • Key Type: Mechanical
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Buttons: 104
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Delux T9 46 Key Singlehanded Gamin -Keypad

Delux T9
  • Key Type: Membrane
  • Backlighting: LED
  • Buttons: 46
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ACEPHA T9 Pro Gaming Keypad

    • Key Type: Mechanical
    • Backlighting: LED
    • Buttons: 29
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1. ZJFKSDYX One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard

ZJFKSDYX One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • High-quality one-handed gaming keyboard: Blue switch high-quality keyboard, durable.
  • RGB and other optical keyboard: full keys support RGB adjustment. Key combination to switch quickly
  • High-precision mouse: 800/1200/2400/3200 4 levels of precise and adjustable DPI, the first choice for gamers.
  • Custom buttons: The keyboard G1-G6 can be customized without software.
  • Plug and play: no need to drive, plug and play, wired stable link, no delay

If you are the one to love reading about tech blogs, you might know Razer was the first brand to install mechanical switches on keypads. This is the brand that revamped the entire mechanism of keyboards, and right now we are happy to have this mechanical system in our keyboards due to many reasons.

ZJFKSDYX One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard features 20 programmable buttons, with autonomous backlight and D-pad options. You will love to have 8 positions as well as a space bar with a functional button; you would switch between the different profiles with great ease and will feel no hindrance.

You see the 10 buttons and will love to get multi-touch with this peripheral. The impressively touch-sensitive designed approves the keys press for 50 grams pressure.

You hear a pleasant sound with the touch and affirm the key has been pressed, consistent feedback. This keypad comes in different sizes, ensure different assigned button, but mainly it is the personal choice to have any size.

It comes with 8 programmable keys, you will not be spending much time switching and customizing for each different game. These modes in hands allow you to set all the favorite parameters once and get switched between them with a little push.

ZJFKSDYX One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard is among one of the best Razer keypads with a bundle of functions and features. ZJFKSDYX One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard is a continuous form of old Orbweaver Elise released in 2013. That keyboard also was quite impressive in features and comes with loads of options for the FPS gaming users.

But, the absence of the mechanical switches was a major drawback. ZJFKSDYX One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard quickly and easily compatible with all systems without any hiccup. You see this Keypad running along Windows OS, Mac OS, and other popular platforms.

I love the customized options of this gaming pad. All the tensions and fatigues your hand might have been shifted to the customized results.

Like, you see the distance from the keys to your palm has been given the option to space. This fits for longer and smaller hands alike, and regular-sized hands even would reach to any row quickly.

The incline of the palm rest is something amazing, set any height and lay finger on the keypad and fit it perfectly. The stand is made of the plastic rubber to make it sure your hand does not slip and stand perfectly fit all the time. The visual effects on the other hands are perfectly great, you get 16,000,000 shades and 100 different power levels.

Key Features

  • Adorned with 20 programmable mechanical keys
  • Features 16.8 million color options ranges
  • The 8-way directional thumb pad
  • Design allows you to set customized comfortable position for hand, thumb and palm res
  • Easy to install D-Pad block without any hiccup.
  • The incline of the palm rest is superbly great
  • Work without any fatigue or pain in hands.
  • Overpricing
  • I personally didn’t like the tapping sound of the keys

2. Razer Tartarus Pro

Razer Tartarus Pro
  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source - The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Keyboards, Mice, PC Headset/Pc Microphone, Gaming Designed, based on dollar sales, 2017-2021
  • New, Pressure-Sensitive Inputs: Razer Analog Optical Switches register various levels of pressure similar to an analog joystick-like experience on a keypad
  • 32 Keys for More Hotkeys and Actions: Perfect for gaming or integrating into creative workflows with fully programmable keys
  • Thumbpad for Improved Movement Controls: The 8-way directional thumbpad allows for more natural controls for console-oriented players and a more ergonomic experience
  • Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands

Do you know the biggest wanted feature of the best ergonomic gaming keypad? You need to acknowledge that, configuration. I have seen users complaining about the keypad were not configured as per his/her preferences.

If you have Razer Tartarus Pro, you will hold no such issue. It is possible using this keypad to pick your customize options and get them tuned without any big difficult.

The keypad makes your program up to 32 keys, and have the programmed macros keys and hotkeys closer to your hands so that you could use them without any big motion. In this way, if you could use them precisely, not only your gaming skills will improve, but you will emerge a better gamer eventually.

The adjustable wrist rest makes it sure your wrist does not get tired during the extended gaming hours. You get a comfortable placement position to the right and get the right angle to get epitome comfort. Once you get the comfortable position of the rest, you enjoy as much as you want.

I believe that gaming could never be fun without the colors. Either the colors belong to the LCD screens, gaming mouse or the gaming Keyboard. You enjoy every inch from the palette of colors. The keypad allows you to enjoy the built-in RGB lighting effect in the pad.

You get the easy option of storing your game and custom profiles to the cloud provided by the same company. You get a tap and go access to the already saved settings and resume the game from the point where you have left it.

Key Features

  • 25 fully programmable keys
  • Wrist rest offers two different positions
  • Palette of colors
  • Customize each and every key to your personal skill set
  • Easy to use programmable keys options
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Customizable lighting options
  • Pricy

3. Redragon K585 DITI – Best Budget

Redragon k585 DITI
  • Slim and Tactile - The K585 keyboard gets rid of those extra keys and keeps the most useful ones in a slim & portable package. All of your keyboard action keys are in one convenient place. No need to worry about misclicked keys. The iconic mechanical keyboard audible clicky with clear tactile feedback of Redragon Blue Switches allows you to master the rhythm of the battlefield and make you the MVP.
  • Play to Win - With 7 programmable macro keys, binding multiple commands and activating them instantly is simple and quick. Assign single or multiple keystrokes to any macro key to save precious time in the middle of battle.
  • Light it Up in Your Way - 5 RGB backlit modes are selectable with 16.8 Million Colors. Glorious & amazing lighting effects let the light of victory wreak havoc in the dark.
  • USB Pass-Through Port - Positioned for uninterrupted game play and ready for your mouse, headset adapter, or other USB device.
  • Form & Function - Ergonomically designed with a detachable wrist-rest section connected by magnets, the wrist-rest offers great support to make use more comfortable.

Redragon, without a single shadow of a doubt the biggest names in the gaming Keypad world. When you are such a big name in the gaming world, you have to do everything in your hand to keep the reputation of the brand. This Keypad offers what you have been hunting for in gaming keypad.

Redragon K585 DITI is all about producing performance; every inch of this product is ergonomic and optimized for playing hours of video games. The keypad comes with 7 programmable macro keys, like other normal keypads.

Even though its a budget gaming keypad, the build quality is top-notch. You get a decent Outemu Blue switches in Redragon K585. You will be happy to know that the wrist rest is magnetic and Redragon also gives you detachable USB type c connector.

The keypad is extremely easy to use with all the customize buttons on the device. You can have the settings to play for the games or commands when needed. This improves your gaming performance and takes you to another level of gaming.

The keys activation accuracy has been increased, you will not be worried about the capability when you need the macros. Extremely comfortable to use, the soft pads make you hold this comfortably and reach the keys under the hands easily.

The RGB is vibrant and bright. The keys are easy to press and you will no longer be needed to force the keys to get feedback.

Either you play the FPS games, MMORPG or RTS games, this product will never let you down and has been designed to give you an upper hand with cutting edge technology up-gradation.

The gaming keypad has been designed to cope with all the possible hurdles what gamers face in playing combat. So, get yourself prepared with this unit and have dozens of continuous hours of gaming without any difficulty.

Key Features

  • 7 Fully programmable macro keys
  • Compatible with any OS
  • Connects PC with USB type c
  • Adjustable soft magnetic wrist pad
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • Usb Type C
  • Megnatic wrist rest
  • Affordable
  • Keys are bit further spaced

4. Razer Tartarus V2

Razer Tartarus V2
  • High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches: Provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable, soft-cushioned, membrane, rubber dome switch suitable for gaming
  • 32 Mecha-Membrane Keys for More Hotkeys and Actions: Perfect for gaming or integrating into creative workflows with fully programmable keys
  • Thumbpad for Improved Movement Controls: The 8-way directional thumbpad allows for more natural controls for console-oriented players and a more ergonomic experience
  • Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16 8 million colors on individually backlit keys

Razer needs no recognition. This is the top leading brand producing the gaming keypads. This brand really gives a lot to this department and ranking on the top spot. No other brand can dare to come nearer to it.

So, whatever you say, they are expensive or pricey, their product got a build quality and durable. They come with ergonomic design and really offer performance at the top.

Razer Tartarus V2 is another affordable razer product in the same niche, and you will love to have this as well in your gaming collection.

This houses pretty much the same for what the razer is famous. This versatile keyboard got a sturdy design and comes with RGZ lighting and an adjustable wrist position.

Razer Tartarus V2 comes with collectively 32 programmable keys and the face keys of the keypad use the Razer’s hybrid mecha membrane switches. Though, you cannot say it a mechanical switch still nearer to it and produces outstanding performance.

The keypad also features a scroll wheel and thumb switch, and these both components contribute to the versatility of the keypad a lot if you could understand.

Undeniably, a comfortable and ergonomic gaming keypad- Featuring an adjustable wrist rest, upholstered by a leather cushion. It comes with an RGB lighting which is quite obvious for a Razer product to hold this feature.

The keypad houses 16.8 million customizable backlighting effects, an ideal Razer successor after Razer Nostromo. It comes with 15 multi-touch keys; the thumb can be placed in 8 positing using programmable D-pad.

The entire keypad is made of plastic chassis and owns 8 profiles which can be changed using the software or the buttons assigned to change the profiles.

The shape of the Keypad resembles the human palm, which makes it easily fit under the palm without any twisting. You will have no sense of fatigue or pain even after playing hours of gaming.

Key Features

  • 32 programmable keys
  • 8 million backlighting effect
  • Keypad with 15 multi-touch keys
  • It features scroll wheels and thumbstick
  • Ergonomic easy to fit in hands to play hours
  • RGB lighting
  • A quality keypad in an affordable range of price
  • The absence of mechanical switches

5. Logitech G13 With Analog Stick 

Logitech G13 With Analog Stick
  • Naturally contoured design follows the natural shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort during long sessions
  • Onboard memory lets you program up to 5 ready-to-play profiles, so you can take your personal preferences with you
  • Customizable backlighting lets you choose your colors and easily locate the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play
  • 25 programmable keys allow you to assign keyboard functions to suit your style of play and create macros on the fly
  • The high-visibility GamePanel LCD displays game stats, system info, and communications from fellow players

You might have heard the Swiss manufacturer’s name, Logitech. This is the brand which earned reputation across the globe due to its competitive and excellent, performance-oriented product.

With Logitech G13 Programmable, there is not a difference in quality, customer care and cutting edge technology. The brand has red-shifted the entire concept of gaming Keypad and offers easy to grab functionality.

The engineers and designer behind producing this Logitech G13 should be acknowledged and their hardware is showcased with this product. This piece ranks the best seller gaming pad on the biggest online shopping portal Amazon and reviews are evident examples to that.

Logitech G13 is extremely rich in features, like individual hand adjustment and hand placement. Yes, to get better results, you need to get better settings and get precise results with the superb settings accordingly your choice and preferences.

The memory does not though allow many profiles; it only gives you to store five profiles. This may be a downside to the product, and this could have been stretched up to 20 profiles.

The keypad comes with 25 programmable keys for complete actions and defeats your opponents by having swift actions. Last but not least, save the macros, and get them used as per the need. You might not get any programming level issue with this product and macros are easily stored without any pause.

The lighting section stands heads and shoulder above the rest. It would not harm your eyes and easily be adjusted as per your need and desire. You get various color options to choose from for easier and cleaner navigation.

This is one of the Keypads with add-on Joystick. The analog stick features can be used to assign any functions but beware not to overlook it. I must not say this Keypad can fit all hands. But, a major portion of the market is targeted and all are getting benefits from it.

The game board offers you as many as 87 different ways to control your game, it is possible by using it to set the controls using the profiles and get down the gaming anytime desire.

Key Features

  • 25 programmable keys
  • The game board offers 87 ways to control games
  • Customizable backlighting
  • Five profiles storing
  • Comfortable concourse
  • Comes with analog stick
  • The high-visibility game panel LCD display
  • Natural design easy to hold
  • Onboard memory to store up to five profiles
  • Customizable backlight
  • The Joystick model is not ambidextrous

6. Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard

Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard
  • 【All 23 Keys Programmable】All keys can be programmable. The custom programmable key functions include regular 127 buttons, web navigation buttons, 19 multimedia shortcuts, keyboard locks, Windows locks, etc. Each button can be set to any of these buttons.
  • 【All Macro Keys】There are 16 macro function buttons. Macro functions can be used in series and can support up to 349 key commands, which can meet various complex usage scenarios, Such as: office/wps and other office software shortcuts, CAD/Ae/Pr/Ps shortcuts, various user accounts and passwords, game quick tricks, basic code for programmers. For example, setting a button triggers "ctrl+a 0.5s ctrl+c 0.5s ctrl+v" etc a series of operations
  • 【4-Layer Custom Configurations】 Built-in MCU, after keyboard keys be set up, it can be stored in keyboard's MCU, and no need reset the keyboard even replace the computer. Can save 4-layer of configurations to handle multiple usage scenarios. Perfect not only for gamers but also for so many other types of users including designers and video editors
  • 【Portable Mini Keypad】Portable Mini keypad,5"x 3.5" x 1.2" ultra-small size, effectively saves desktop space. Detachable USB cable. You can connect the keypad (plug and play) and a 104-key keyboard with the same computer at the same time, they will not interfere with each other.
  • 【Blue LED Backlight】The backlight brightness can be adjusted/turned off. Very clear and bright buttons, you can enjoy yourself in the dark night without the lamp

Koolerton is one of the most preferred gaming keypads. This is one of the most sought mechanical keypads for playing the latest titles AAA series games like PUBG, WOW, DOTA and LOL.

This keypad equally offers great features for supermarket cashier and calculating stuff. This is the keypad which features almost 44 programmable keys and creates macro keys of different 8 combinations so that you could use them as per your need and switch easily.

It comes with inbuilt MCU and you better know the functions of the MCU. The MCU keeps the record of your keyboard settings and you will no longer be set up it again once the computer is changed. It comes with Cherry MX Red Switches, which triggers the motions up to 2-6 mm.

You get more options in hand when it comes to programmable keys and programmable macros, the essential things to playing the latest AAA titles games.

The keypad comes with the short trigger, so here you would not be wasting your energy in striking the keys. You would not need the lots of muscle to just get this thing working. The manufacturer of the keypad has made it with a short trigger level; a little push would be enough to be effective.

The “Anti-ghost” feature ensures that you get top-notch accuracy and good overall performance. The portability of the keypad may be the biggest advantage. It takes minimal space and helps you to use it wherever you want.

When you place the order, you expect to have a gaming keyboard with 44 programmable keys and 8 other macro keys options. It also comes with a mini USB which helps you to gear up your processing in full speed.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt MCU
  • Single-handed Keyboard
  • Portable mini-keyboard
  • Features 44 programmable keys
  • 8 combination of Macro keys
  • Leading gaming keypad for PUBG
  • Portable
  • Built-in MCU
  • 44 Programmable keys
  • 8 macro keys
  • Save space
  • Easy to programme
  • The light options are not of the advanced level

7. GameSir GK100

The brand though got less recognition but their keypads recognition is over the roof. If you have been purchasing computer peripherals and accessories, you would know and recognize this name.

The Gamesir GK100 really knocks off the other product when it comes to quality and durability in the affordable range. GameSir GK100 produces mind-blowing results and offers 34 programmable keys with four macro keys on the side, another mechanical keyboard with tactile noise and blue switches.

The look of this keypad is entirely surprising and mesmerizing. It is made of plastic and houses a detachable wrist. This also features an LED backlight with 8 different presets. It does not have RGB lighting, but in the asked price range you need to overlook this.

Key Features

  • 34 programmable keys
  • 4 Macro keys on the side
  • Blue Switches
  • Entirely made of plastic
  • Plastic wrist rest
  • Affordable
  • Mechanical keys
  • Fully programmable
  • Only blue switches

8. Aula Excalibur

Aula Excalibur
  • 【Customizable LED Backlight】 AULA one hand gaming keypad comes with 5 pre-programmed cool backlighting modes and you can also easily customize your own LED backlight.
  • 【Programmable Key】Get an infinite number of commands right at your fingertips with 8 programmable keys. Bind all your preferred skills, macros and hotkeys for a highly personalized gaming experience.
  • 【Blue Switches Mechanical Keyboard】Blue Switches with a strong sense of rhythm, bring you the best mechanical experience. Ultra-long lifetime mechanical keys, service life of the buttons up to 50 million times.
  • 【Ergonomic Design with Wrist Rest】Ergonomic design with Wrist Rest for professional gamers reduces fatigue. Gaming keyboard switches to sleep mode after being idle for 10 minutes and presses any key to re-activate the keyboard.
  • 【Widely Compatible】AULA one-handed keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10, MAC OS X.

Another great mini gaming keyboard, which offers great mix up of traditional design and modern technology, this product comes from the Aula, another leading tech manufacturing brand.

The overall look of the keypad looks traditional with arrays of functions and programmable macro keys. It also boasts the heavy design and LED backlight add-on.

The keypad can equally be used for gaming and desktop use. The sheer number of keys makes it a viable option for full-fledged gaming keyboard and the function keys on the sides make it a complete candidate for desktop use.

This variety of functions lacks off in many enlisted. You can say it a combination of desktop and gaming keypad and get all types of functions executed. The number of keys through halts hindrances in using it as a full-fledged gaming keypad.

it has its own kind of designed keypad, houses LED backlight with a total of five presets. You might have seen in advertisements branding this keypad an RGB lighting keypad, but in actual use, it is simply not the case.

The durability of the keypad cannot be questioned. This Keypad weaves the services what offers by the manufactures and you will see this enjoying a commendable lifespan. They are exceedingly durable, fully customized and wholly simplified.

Owing to its drivers, the backlit and functions keys themselves adjusted in the way what suits the user best. I have not seen such a great keypad in years and it is really a great design gaming keypad which fits the needs of the professional and noobs alike.

This allows you to indulge in prolonged gaming sessions without any itching issue. Use the ghost utilization, and have sharp eyes on your combos and keys as they messed up in haste.

Key Features

  • Customizable backlight combines with functional keys
  • Auto sleep option
  • Ergonomic design
  • Roll-over USB option
  • Portable mini keyboard
  • I loved the mechanical keys of the keypad
  • Boasts a large number of keys which directly enhances the functionality
  • Equally helpful for playing games and desktop
  • Hefty
  • No RGB lighting

9. Delux T9 – Cheapest Gaming Keypad

Delux T9 - Cheapest Gaming Keypad
  • Ergonomic design, Double-space key, a key to accomplish achieve function keys and arrow keys to swap recessed keycap design, portable design.
  • A key function keys and arrow keys to complete the exchange
  • Multimedia Keyboard: ESC, web home, Increase Volume, Decrease Volume and mute keys on the two side
  • Recess type key. Four group of special keys for game, convenient touch middle row, raiddly position each button.
  • Red Cap AWSD Keys Special For One Hand Game, Compatibility: Win 2000/ Win XP / Win Visa / Win 7/ Win 8

Do you really love having a whopping number of keys onboard? If yes then Delux T9 is your gaming keypad and you should enjoy using all 46 keys. All keys are not programmable, but 32 keys can be used to game them as per your usage.

All other listed keypad does not resemble with this, no other keyboard has this range of keys and programmable keys. If you could use this number of keys, you could become the next YouTube star handling the games as swiftly as you want.

Yes, this houses an ergonomic design, with a little non-slip mat under your wrist so that you do not get sudden slipping in extending gaming sessions.

The keypad features durable space keys and other gaming keys to boosting your gaming experience. You can expect for different groups of special keys which is definitely a unique feature.

It boasts the three different LED options. The LED lights light up dim and sometimes brightly as per your desire, regular-sized keys. This keypad fits fine for smaller and larger handed people. You can customize it and adjust the settings as per your desire.

Key Features

  • 46 total keys
  • 3 LED Backlight option
  • Four groups of special keys to boosting the gaming needs
  • Perfect for smaller and larger handed people equally
  • Affordable
  • A larger number of keys
  • No macro keys option

10. CHUYI One-Handed Gaming Keypad

Yes, the last but not the least is the CHUYI One-Handed Gaming Keypad. The brand might not be that famous and recognize compare to Razer but this particular product has managed to garn massive positive reviews. I personally checked this keypad and found its perfect fit for our list of best gaming keypads.

It features 29 anti-ghost keys with mechanical feel keys respond swiftly. The 16 keys rollover ensures your commands are accurate and immediate.

With 7 LED lights to choose from, a good range of in cheaper options. This comes in four backlit colors Blue, Yellow-green and red. So, chose your backlit color and have that equipped with the switch.

Yes, an ergonomic keyboard, perfect for your hands and finger. This keypad allows you to spend hours sitting before your laptop playing games without any fatigue or itching.

It is entirely compatible with the different operating system, you face no issue in installing this in any OS including Windows, Mac and Unix OS.

The Gold plated USB collector should take seriously, as this helps the product to last for a longer span of time. So, you can have a better Mechanical Switch option in lesser price quote and get better results.

Key Features

  • Comfort design
  • Compatible with every OS
  • Adjustable LED Backlit
  • 29 Anti Ghost keys with 16 keys rollover
  • 7 LED lights to choose from
  • Extremely helpful for gaming
  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic and designed naturally for hands and finger
  • Four LED backlit colors
  • Durable
  • Poor software

Features To Check Before Buying a Gaming Keypad

Purchasing a gaming keypad has become trickier than ever before. Each and every component of gaming pc comes in a wide range of options.

Nowadays, you are dazzled with hundreds of gaming keypad options. Different manufacturers, different technologies, design colors, RGB light, Backlit display and much more.

There are two main types of gaming keypads that most of us use with gaming PCs.

  1. Membrane
  2. Mechanical

1) Membrane

The technology uses to manufacturer these keypads are quite simple. The rubber membrane under each close of the typing plate uses to get them ready.

They come in cheaper prices, you press the button and get a get very silent feedback. For swift actions and quicker feedback, we mostly do not rely on this technology and use Mechanical keyboards

2) Mechanical

The most attractive and good option to have in a gaming keypad for the gamers is a mechanical keypad. This technology is related to the ancient IBM system, and the reliability and benchmark set by these keypads cannot be overtaken by any other technology or keypads.

You get instant feedback, great typing sounds, and swift actions using this keypad. So, now you are asking me to tell the fundamental aspects to look into gaming keypads before purchasing?

Let’s dive into it.

3) Brand

A brand can be the biggest thing to consider before purchasing. It has been witnessed that 9 out of 10 products come from brands that offer value and quality.

So, by the brand name, you come to know the quality and other items which are being used to produce the product. So, always prefer a recognized name compared to an unknown name while purchasing gaming keypads.

4) Analog Stick

I do not personally find the need for this feature in gaming keypads. This function helps you to forego WASD buttons and use thumb only to move in the directions.

People coming for the console gaming background, find this option quite natural for movement. But, for PC gamers, it is pain in the neck and most of the time the directions go outward. Yes, it does have its benefits, but for me it sucks.

5) Ergonomic

Yes, you should check whether the product is ergonomic in design or not. You cannot afford to have high-grade material with bad ergonomics and comfortability.

With a gaming Keypad, you spend hours playing games. Avoid extra options add-on; this not only spoils gaming experience but increase the overall price.

6) Macro keys

This option allows you to program customizable keys to perform various actions with just one click. Like, if you press the macro keys programmed “Done1”; this triggers the program to combine the player’s abilities.

These keys are also used to add additional shortcuts and offer software to get them used.

7) Extra Keys

The keyboards come with extra keys or additional keys which are to be programmed to get them in the right direction. Like these can be for MMORPGs or Dungeons crawlers.

8) Visual display

The expensive keypads also feature the visual or digital display. They often use LCD trackpads or toughs which allows the keys to customize in function and appearance.

9) Backlit and RGB

This is another obvious and most sought feature in gaming keypads. This allows the user to customize the color on the switches.

Full RGB lighting in the Keypad allows you to have all colors from the spectrum to backlit the keypad. Not one color, sometimes, a different color for each key.

The partial RGB lighting feature helps you to choose the most of the colors from the spectrum to backlight the keyboard, not all colors.

10) Price

Gaming keypads often do not fit in the cheap price category. But, with a sharp glance and some digging, you will find some of the best products. We also have listed the best switches for gaming in the affordable price range, you can have look at the list.

The price also increases by the addition of some unnecessary features. So, you check carefully which features are useless for you and should not be those gaming keypads.

Some features such as RGB Lighting, Mechanical switches, Backlit Switches, and Macro keys options are worthy, so you must count these before purchasing one.

11) Backlit Illumination

Yes, if you are the one who thinks rainbow colors on a keyboard is just a waste of the money; you might know the proper use of this. The backlight illumination can make you divide your keyboard into different zones visually.

In this way, you will have to think less before pressing any key and visual reference will help you to press the keys in the particular zone divided. The faster your finger will approach the keys and the quick results and feedback will be garner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a gaming keypad?

Ans: Gaming Keypads are designed to boost gaming performances. If you want to get most of your gaming rig, you need to have quality gaming keypads. These gaming keypads increase your feedback and specially designed to help the gamers to get access to the keys and other functions easily.

Like macro keys options which help the users to program a key to execute specified tasks. In complex games, you have to type a command or to click on a specific icon using the mouse which takes time.

By assigning a macro key to a button, by pressing a single keystroke you get the job done with a huge convenience. This increases the time of the action, and will not be pressing the same combination of the keys over and over again.

There are other factors as well, I just mentioned this one, to express the need for producing gaming keypads, and how they could be proved useful in playing games in better ways.

Q: How do gaming keypads work?

Ans: There is no difference in mechanism and working of the gaming keypad or a normal keypad.

The real difference is the using of the membrane or Mechanical technology under each key. You see the Membrane keyboards used a thin design layer of rubber and silicon to act both the springs and the electrical signals.

They are versatile and fit the bill but lack distinct sound, which makes it hard to learn if the button was actually pressed or not. The mechanical technology uses to design the keypads is dedicated to the mechanical switches.

The switches feature their own space, spring, and stem and produce a sound to learn the click. So, the main difference is the use of technology in both of types of keyboards.

Q: How many keys does a typical gaming keypad have?

Ans: There is no set of rules using the number of keys in each keyboard. In normal gaming PC keyboard, you see as many as 104 keys.

For a PC this number is too high to digest. This whopping number of the keys increases the total width of the keyboard, and the gamer will have to cross the keyboard to press each key.

So, normally we see 20-35 keys in a Gaming Keypad.

Q: What gaming keypad has onboard memory?

Ans: The gaming Keypads are often come with these functions to store the profiles into onboard memory.

You assign the macros where you save the keyboard’s onboard memory, and the range of the profiles saved in the memory differs from a keypad to keypads.

There are some keypads that we have mentioned in the list and some of them offer as many as 30 profiles into the onboard memory which is plentiful and help you when you want to bring the pad with you on LAN events.

Q: How beneficial is having a gaming keypad?

Ans: For a pro gamer that used to play AAA titles games and look eyes onto the latest release, the need and importance of a gaming keypad cannot be described. In plain English, with a normal Keyboard, he would not be able to thrive.

The quality and the potential of these keypads only revealed in MMORPG and MOBA games. In these types of games, you need to super-fast and precise, and the keys should be mounted on the fingertips so that you do not need to set up any combination of the keys.

For a casual gamer who loves to indie series or old PCs games, there is no need to have a dedicated Gaming Keypad.

Q: Which gaming keypad will fit my small hand?

Ans: The gaming Keypads often come in customized options. In simple words, by switching to a different position, and by changing the angles and spaces between the palm rest and keys, you can adjust them for any hand size.

Like, the distance in most of the keypads from the key unit to the palm can be adjusted with a fixed frame in a position. But, sometimes a cheap gaming Keypad might not give you that option. So, you need to read the features of the keypad beforehand.

So, which gaming Keypad you will choose? Are you going with Razer Obweaver Chroma or someone else? let us know to leave the comment below.


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